Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Meltdown Central - no thanks to that friggin Monkey.

I take the same way to my gym, Goodlife almost everyday. I take a left go all the way down Drummond, passing Morrison, passing of course, "the monkey" as Owen and Maddie call it.

The Monkey - Is Cheeky Monkeys. I have written about this place before, it is an indoor playground for children, we have had a couple of birthdays here, the kids love it. Since the weather has been beautiful, we have not taken the kids there in quite a while. We were wanting to meet with friends, and thought instead of getting either of our houses messy, we would order pizza and play at Cheeky Monkeys - then its someone elses problem to clean up and the kids have a great time.

This type of place is great for Owen, he loves to run around, climb and keep his body active, I also know he is in a safe environment. So, we are meeting our friends the Campeaus and their children for 5pm, perfect timing for dinner and play. Ryan and I load up the van, we take the kids over, they see we are ACTUALLY pulling into the Monkey, and mommy isn't just ignoring us this time and driving to her stupid gym ;)

We unload the kids, as I am still unbuckling Ben out of his car seat - I hear a worried, "Vanessa....... its closed." I yell back, "NO, no its not, its only 5pm, their friggin sign is still on"... but our luck, its closed, with our little Owen who suffers from changes in routine.. ESPECIALLY involving something amazingly fun.. like the Monkey.. welcome to meltdown central.

Not only is my daughter crying like she just witnessed her favourite baby doll been run over by a transport truck, Owen looses it. He flings himself, screams, not understanding why his favourite place on Earth is not letting him in the doors, what the hell is going on! Mom and Dad are horrible liers, we set him up for failure, we are keeping him away from the most fun he will ever have - and he truly believes this.

With most typical children, for sure, they will be upset, but they understand it is closed and we will come back, but lets do something else fun... Owen is not there mentally yet. He does not understand why he can not go see his Monkey best friend, and we are taking him away on purpose - its sad to be honest. So, Ryan quickly put Owen in the car and drove him to the park, to get his mind to calm down and give him another kind of fun.

As a parent, and especially a parent of a working family, I really was shocked at why this playground would be closed in the evening. What about working families that can not attend during the day? It just didn't make sense. So I came home with the other 2 kiddies, called our friends before they walked out the door, and warned them. As it still didn't seem right to the both of us, with my friend Stacey on the phone, I went to the Cheeky Monkey website, and both locations close at 5pm during the weekdays!!

Maybe next time I should check to just make sure the Monkey will not out-smart us again ;)

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  1. They close early in the summer... so does TayKimTans...
    sorry the kids were disappointed.