Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, July 3, 2011

How we celebrated our nations birthday...

We were a little worried about this weekend, only because Owen vs large crowds, really doesn't go in our favour. How can I blame him? I get pissy and moody in large crowds, and I am not Autistic.. I think ;)

We started this weekend of new experiences at the Bird Kingdom, in Niagara Falls. One of my favourite things to do, is to totally act like a tourist in Niagara Falls, even though this is where we live. I love it, I love taking pictures of things I normally take for granted, including the falls. We have never brought the kids to the aviary, and thought it was going to be a total disaster.. but we were proven wrong. We left our youngest to be babysat, and Owen, Maddie, Daddy and I ventured out to the Bird Kingdom. Owen wanted in right away, Maddie wanted zero part of this action. Its funny, it takes her longer to warm up to new places and situations now then it does for Owen :) haha.

He loved going up the escalator, jumping on and off...Maddie hated it. He loved seeing the turtles with Maddie, the lizards, the little bird room was a favourite of the day. His favourite part of this room was watching the birds bathing, he was even yelling at them, "MORE MORE" so they would go back in the water. Apparently, at this point, Owen figured out he can't speak bird. After this room, we went to see the big birds with the waterfall, beautiful... but for him and Maddie, the sound of the waterfall was way too noisy, but labelling the ducks made up for that. We went through the whole thing twice, because he loved it so much. I was impressed and so was Ryan, he totally amazed us, I thought we were going to be caught in bird hell.

Later that evening, Owen found his new passion - gardening. He has been helping us here at the our home, watering the flowers in the front, and he took his skills to Opa and Grannys. It is the cutest thing, and he loves to do it.

The next day was a busy one, CANADA DAY 2011!!!! We went to Gramma and Gpa Coops for a BBQ and for Josh and Tayas Bday. Owen once again, warmed up to the new place right away, took Maddie longer, then they were great. They played in the water, ate cake, rode on a fake motorcycle, and Owens favourite part - they watched fireworks. He loved them so much, that yesterday Daddy went out and got some more, because they make Owens face completely light up right along with them. We did our fireworks early, and thank goodness we did, as our idiot neighbours called the police on us - but too the wrong house :)

This morning we ended our holiday weekend with their soccer, and because they were in bed so late last night (shout out to their FATHER) they wanted no part of soccer, they were exhausted. I thought to myself, since Owen is already having off day, I might as well make it totally unbearable, and get his haircut.

Proceed to next blog ;)

Happy Canada Day Friends!!

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