Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Team Owen Carl - 2011

I was so excited for the walk this year, for Autism Niagara. We had a BLAST last year, did really well, the weather was beautiful, what could go wrong? hmmmm. Here is a re-cap of our day on Saturday June 4 2011.

I thought I was ahead of the game this year, I made a Facebook event for our friends and family, giving everyone so much notice, was so pumped to have an even better year then we had last year! I had 50 people saying they were coming, then of course people were sick, plans change, but that was alright! we were ready to walk for Autism, and of course, walk for Owen.

The night before, I thought I would get everything ready. I packed ALL the kids supply to survive the day, I got the van loaded up - all I needed was Ryan to come home after work in the morning, and we were off to Welland. Not difficult right? Of course he ends up being stuck at work till almost 8:30am, is miserable and tired, and has rugby to go to in a few hours. I give him the out card, the kids and I leave. Weather looks alright, a little overcast, but not bad. We get to Welland, the teams start rolling in, so much support for all our amazing little people. I got to see families from Owens therapy, work bringing our clients from Bethesda, it was wonderful, and not to mention my amazing friends and family who came out to support us.

Then it starts to trinkle rain as we are getting ready to begin the walk, then.. the downpour. It was not just a downpour, it was a HUGE thunderstorm with lightening, and Owen and I did 5km in that brutal weather with my friend Kelli and her little guy Ryan. When we got back, and Owen ran across that finish line, and I have never been so amazed and prouder, he continues to out due himself.

I felt like when he crossed that finish line with me, this is it. No matter who comes in and our of our lives, it will always be me and you. I was given the honour to be your mother, God entrusted me with you because He knows I will live my life for you, it is you and I for the longhul. Owen and I bonded on that 5k in the pouring rain, we laughed with each other, he got upset when the rain would trickle on his face.. but he was strong.

No matter how bad the weather was that day, how our plans for a family day with a potluck could not possibly happen outdoors instead we gathered at Victoria and Brads (thanks guys!), it was one of the most uplifting day for me, giving me the gentle reminder why I wake up everyday, because that kid just defies the odds again and again, and I marvel at his abilities.

Thank you to everyone who donated, participated, or just thought of us that day...

mucho love.

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