Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Owen has crushed another milestone - he Graduated Preschool

I think the more I see my young man keep overcoming the obstacles that life throws at him daily, and crushes them with his intellect, his charm and his smile, makes me more and more proud and I continue to change as a mother, a mother I never knew was in me.

Looking at Owen today, singing his heart out with the other children in his class, cheering after each song was completed because he saw everyone else cheering and smiling, seeing my mother in law cry because of how proud and how far this child has come to beat the odds, and to watch him...watch me..because that is all we need.

I celebrate this moment for him more than anything before, because he was in a mainstream preschool, he had to work so much harder to have and become what other children have happen naturally. I celebrated our lives with Owen, our choices we have made, our family dynamic that will only continue to flourish, I celebrated our unique son.

Nothing could take this memory from my mind, he was so proud of himself, if he only knew what he does, changes our lives in the most, amazing and loving way.

I am proud of you my love, onto JK! oxoxox

p.s- For all you Autism Parents out there, a little sidenote.... Owen had minmial screaming, only at the beginning because of waiting to begin, he didn't participate in the first song and did not want to stand up, then when they sang the 2nd song (itsy bitsy spider) he jumped right in! No further issues, AND kept that hat on the entire time!!!! YAY!!!!

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