Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our meeting with Owen's team at NPCC, and bedtime routine hell.

Well my friends, the wait is over. Owen waitied 15 months on the Niagara Penisula Chiclren's Centre waitlist, so he could have his own therapy team. A preschool therapy team is good until you reach the age of 6, and consists of an Occuaptional Therapist, an Speech pathologist, and a Social worker. We had to pick a date for this meeting a month ago, because it is so many people to get together all at once, including Ryan, myself, and Owen.

They assessed Owen, watched him interact, listen to him speak, observe his gross motos skills, and of course, interview Ryan and myself. I was so proud of Owen, he as using his words, listening, requesting, doing puzzles, it was amazing to see how far this kid as come in a year. Then the tough part came, we had to talk about his, "issues". Issues are pretty much cut and dry for Owen, and funny enough, they happend to all be textile issues. Textile means that things that Owen can touch or touches him effect him in a much different way, and conflicts with his daily life. Examples for Owen, would be haircuts (I have said before, it totally feels like he is in pain) brushing his teeth is nearly impossible, bathes are horrible and we BOTH dread them for him, and my favourite issue that I take credit for, co-sleeping.

Yes my friends, Owen is a co-sleeper, which means he HATES sleeping alone, and wants someone beside him at all times, you see how hard this can be. Owen used to walk up the stairs with me, hand in hand, go to bed without issues. Several months ago, my brother moved in, and Owen began to sleep in our bed, as this was temporary. Well, for Owen this became routine, and I really did not want to put up with the screaming all night, especailly with 2 other little kiddos here trying to sleep... no thank you.

Ryan and I told NPCC this at our meeting, and this for sure is the cause of Owen's sleep issues. So, I told myself after that meeting, that this evening, I am going to implement a bedtime routine for him, and deal with the behaviours. He loved the picture chart I made for him, I took pictures of all the things he uses to go to bed, like the toilet, sink to wash his hands, toothbrush, blankie, jammies and bed. I also made a little Owen face, that when he is completing the routine, he moves his picture to what picture he is on...of course, when it got to the bed, he lost it. Like I mean, loooooost it..screamed, threw things in his room, banged the doorkept trying to come out.. just horrible.

Then, I thought of my old friend Supernanny, Owen was totally being one of the kids that just needed to go back to bed, it was late! So, when I put him to bed, we read a book, I covered him up, said I love you and goodnight. Supernanny says, when the come out of their room, you out them back without saying a word, so I did that from 8pm till 9pm, screams and all. It went well..he slept all night, and was up at 7:30 am ready to start his day!

Tonight on the other hand, bedtime routine doen at 8pm....it is 9:30pm, and he is not asleep...I am in for the long haul tonight :s

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  1. Oh the bedtime routine..my gosh.. Joey still is a co...and he's 11..
    Good luck to you.
    SLeep well Owen xo