Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My hat is off to you parents with special needs children.

As I mentioned before, Ryan and I have been swamped with appointments lately with Owen, activities and therapies. Its so hard to get everything happening, and remembering, especially while you still have a life to try and lead.

As I was photocopying Owens Official Autism Diagnosis, Ryan was sitting with me. I said to him as the pages were taking forever through the printers, "honestly, I could not imagine being a parent to a child with Autism, or really any sort of disability and not have the background that you or I have. With gathering and maintaining the paperwork, keeping everything scheduled and on time, I just don't think we could have done it without experience". He looked at me, and said, "or if people find it hard to maintain their own lives, yet try and keep their child's organized could find it difficult, that's why the government should help those families by having a parent stay at home."

I have had the pleasure of meeting so many families within the past year, all different backgrounds, different races, different kinds of disabilities with their children, and it is amazing, how many of them have to quit their jobs or work from home because their child's life is so hectic, plus having more children to care for on top of that.

Personally, I have not had an issue with work and home life not being balanced, most likely due to Ryan working midnights, so appointments are do-able with Ryan being home and me gone, but then it is a very tired Ryan. I feel like it works for us because we know what to expect, like yesterday, when we had Owens transition meeting, to me it was like a work case conference. In a case conference at my work, you go over different goals, data, behaviours, changes, anything happening in that persons life, and that was like yesterday. So, knowing this is what we were walking into, I had my 10 things that make Owen amazing and unique sheet to hand out to everyone..... but would a parent with no background know what to do? In some situations, would they be so burnt out and could be taken advantage of?

I wonder this quite a bit when people ask me advice, or ask me, "how did you get Owen to talk, or Owen to potty train", I am not sure if its Owen's amazing intellect, my determination for him, or my ability to manage behaviour? whatever it is, I thank God that Ryan and I are capable to push Owen, and never fear the consequences.

Honestly parents, if you are reading it and you are dealing with a child with special needs, you are amazing. My hat, my everything goes off to you and thrown, because you deserve all my respect for doing what you do everyday.

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  1. You are pretty amazing yourself Vanessa.
    So glad to see Owen in soccer.
    Joey played soccer a few years back..(but it was through special Olympics) unfortunately they have nothing in the Niagara region for kids with special needs in regards to sports. :(