Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kung Fu Panda - Kung Fu you.

Not so much the movie itself, I was mildly entertained, the jokes were super cute, and I have to say which impressed me more than anything, was Owens ability to withstand wearing those glasses for most of the movie.. in a theatre with other people with minimal screams - awesome.

What was more amusing to me and annoyed the heck out of Ryan and myself are as follows.. and in no particular order.

-we couldn't bring Ben, nor would I want to try and bring a 16 month old. To find babysitting tonight was near to impossible, so I have to thank my knight in shining armor (a knight who is with childdddd) Valerie :) thank you for watching our chunkster.

-Upon entering the theatre, Maddie lost her cool. She had no idea what kind of dark room we were entering, what the noises were coming from that room, and whats the purpose for entering this creepyass room. So, because we were 10 minutes late, I had to pick her up and as is screaming in my ear, "NOOOOOO NOOOOOO" and kicking and screaming like she is experiencing a seizure. I looked like the most horrible parent in the world tonight. awesome.

-Ryan bought the kids some mini areo balls for the movie, which within 2 minutes of opening them, Owen knocked the bag out of his hand, the treats went spilling everywhere, and this is when Ryan realized that in the same amount of time he had also ripped his shoes off and was now stepping in warm chocolate on the dirty ground in the movie theatre. The 15 minutes following this realization was spent cleaning up the mess, wiping Owens feet, and searching for the 3D glasses he also decided to throw.

-Owen then made us laugh, by labeling everything he saw in the movie, like a red lantern, a bubble, water, a goat.... if that's what he takes away from the movie, God bless him :)

-After Maddie stopped quietly whispering to me, NOOO NOOO Mommy I'm done, she then sat quietly, and started laughing at ACTUAL funny parts, so maybe next movie which will be Cars 2 might not be AS MUCH as a screaming fit when we enter the dark room?

-At the end of the movie, Maddie was ready to leave by telling me she had to pee (which she did) :) and we were going to meet Ryan and Owen at the van. Plans quickly changed when Owen began to see the credits with the song at the end, and found his new favourite part of the movie....yes, he was quiet during this time and labeled nothing.

All in all, we had a good experience, we went tonight (which is a Wednesday) hardly any people, the kids had a good time, and now they will be more prepared for next time. Cars 2 watch out.

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