Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's been 21 days - and yes, we are still alive.

So, I have now failed one of my resolutions for the year, to blog every week.. but like every other person, I have a GREAT excuse, things have been different - and finally, I am taking time for my 3 children and myself, which has been put on the back burner for a while. I have been really trying to de-stress myself, not taking on so much, focusing on what is truly important.. not only as a mother am I super busy and crazy, but being a mother to a beautiful boy who has therapies, appointments and everything in between, you seem to loose track of almost everything, and I am glad it is getting back on track.

So, I am going to update you on all things Owen :)

That little man, is doing amazing in therapy, he is writing his own name, now learning patterns - its awesome to hear everything they throw at this kid in therapy he catches on right away! He is also getting assessed again from Bethesda, they came to our home, and it went so well. Owen is getting confused, like his signals are crossed..but it is something that we are going to try our hardest to work on.

Also, I was really conflicted in registering Owen for outdoor mainstream soccer, I think sadly it was more scary being my over protective self, I was not sure how it was all going to go down. The support worker in me came out, and I thought Owen has only come this far because of Ryan and I, we push him, we know he can do anything we challenge him with, why not this? and if there are any issues, another perfect opportunity to teach parents, right?

So, Owen was signed up, with his school friend Sydney, and today was their first game. At first I think Owen was struggling, because he had NO idea what was happening, or what was expected of him.. then when he saw the other kids go, he went! I was so proud of him, he is pushing the limits that are set for some of these kids with disabilities, and I couldn't be more proud. So, every Sunday morning, we will be at soccer :) and he only stimmed off the net once, and the grass twice ;)

Owen will also be officially meeting his team at NPCC June 15th, and will begin OT therapy throughout the summer, and speech with start in September. Our transition to school meeting was cancelled, so I am eager to have that meeting soon. Our tour of the school is tomorrow evening, so much happening.. crazy.

So yes, we are still here - busy as ever, but really focusing on us.. being super awesomely selfish :)

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