Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, May 8, 2011

If only..

Ryan's passion is rugby. I love watching him play, he enjoys it so much. Ryan played rugby in Highschool, and went on to College to play. He started to play again about 4 years ago, and I loved going to watch. When Owen was born, he would come with me - with no issues.

I want to continue to watch Ryan play, but he and I both fear what Owen will do. He loves Ryan to death, which I have wrote about quite a lot :)
Our fear is that he would follow Ryan onto the field, have a HUGE meltdown when I pull him off the field, screaming, kicking.. because he does not understand if Daddy is out there, why can't I? and we would LOVE for him to be there, but team sports, from what we have heard, in a lot of cases are not people with Autism's strong suit.

It was almost like as soon as he got his diagnosis, he couldn't handle to be there anymore. I wish Owen was at the point he could understand to sit, watch daddy, and he will be back - but we are not there yet. So, it will be probably another couple years till we are able to go and watch with him, if only it was easier :)

Go Tigers.

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  1. Hey there,
    YOu know..some kids with autism do enjoy group sports. Joey played soccer ..(ok he wasn't very good) but he played. yes is was a special olympics team but he had tonnes of fun. He is also very good at watching other people play. However, he's almost 11 now.
    You never ever know...
    Go...Ryan..and some day..maybe Owen will be there to cheer you on!