Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What I would tell my 16 year old self.

A Facebook friend of mine wrote one of her blogs on her wedding website, a note to her 17 yr old self... and I loved it. Her and I are not close at all, but reading her blogs, as I am sure you feel reading mine, you see a new side of the person. A side that makes you laugh, cry, and totally open heartily understand.

After I finished reading what she would go back and tell her younger self, I thought of the same thing. Would I warn myself about what paths not to take, who not to marry? and it sorta came out like this.


First of all, PLEASE stop thinking you are overweight, I think you have issues, BIG issues.. you honestly are a string bean with beautiful boobs, stop being so hard on yourself. Try and listen to your mother about the whole, "dating" thing, you really don't need to be in a relationship at 16 years old, its a waste of time, go out and enjoy yourself!!

In addition to dating, get rid of that guy you REALLY want to date, and want to throw your life away for. You have no idea what fish lay out in the sea for you!! Pursue your dreams too, but don't go to Niagara .. instead, go to Fleming like you wanted too! You will most likely have a really cute boy at Fleming, and this will help you to only get married once! Yes, you have been married twice :)

Change your mind about having children, I know you are so against it right now, and are super scared of needles - but I promise you, you will have the 3 most amazing children. Learn more about Autism, learn how amazing, life altering experience this disorder can be. You are a strong, loving, warrior mother in time, you can do it - and you will rock it.

Lastly, your husband will change you. He will love you unconditionally, he will be the father to your children that you always wanted for yourself. He will build you up, make you the person you love to be, you will be so fulfilled in yourself and in your family you make, your people pleasing days will be forgotten. Don't sell yourself short missy, you will do amazing things...