Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Owen is making friends.. without my help.

Something I have been concerend about since Owen recieved his diagnosis, and began to attend preschool, was wandering how he is going to cope socially. Ryan on the other hand, could literally give 2 shits, Ryan himself is the poster child for anti-social, and thinks that Owen would have a better life like he has had.

Me, on the other hand - the social butterfly, could not imagine a life without friends, phone calls, facebook, everything inbetween. I see my socialness in Maddie, and I just want Owen to have the same things that I had. I don't want him to be alone in school, with no one to talk to, I don't want him to be left out.

As we all know, kids can be so cruel, and I am unsure what I would do if I was to ever see Owen being treated poorly.. I would be scared more for their parents dealing with Ryan and myseld ;) but I have been realizing since September, this may be an issue that can be put on the back burner for a while.

Owen attends preschool about a 5 minute drive from our home. It is a "co-op" preschool, so parents are required to help with duty days, you can see how your child is doing, help out.. all that jazz. Myself, I really don't have the time to go and help, or the sitters to let me be there, so we pay a little extra to be the, "non-participating" parents. I don't get to see how he is doing, whats going on, unless the ECE teacher fills me in..which she has been great at doing.

So, today, I went to pick Owen up and was talking to another mom, to a daughter named Sydney. Sydney is the same age as Owen, and will be attending full day school in September, like Owen..but different schools. Sydneys mom was telling me, when they were leaving to go to the preschool, Sydney grabbed a nutrigrain bar for her friend, "Owen" because he likes them. My heart honestly melted when she told me, it wa slike in that second my worries subsided, I felt relief. I have heard about some of the boys, playing with Owen, that he is popular... and it has made my feelings about sending him to JK getting easier.

By the way, Sydney is such a cutie, I think Owen may have a little crush :)


  1. Awww how sweet.
    Sydney sounds like a lovely little girl and who wouldn't adore Owen he's a prince!

  2. aww Lisa, thank you so much!!! She is the cutest little thing!!! :)