Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

one year ago today - Owen met Brick By Brick ..

and it has become a love that has taken Owen, and our entire family to a new level in his life. April 6 2010, I was so anxious yet so nervous to send him to this therapy place. Ryan and I have always believed in Early Intervention, but we were so scared of spending so much money to have Owen not suceed.

Now don't get me wrong, I have total and the upmost belief in this little guy - but after being told in the Introductory to ASD Seminar last March, that some children who have ASD and recieve IBI therapy might not respond, sometimes they even regress from the therapy. How friggin scared were we! Here we were, ready to pay whatever we needed to pay, only to be told not only may Owen not repond, but he could actually become worse?! WHAT!

A year ago, when Owen entered therapy, he was -

- Non Verbal
- Classifed and deemed on the Spectrum Moderate-Severe
- Had the expressive abilities of a 9-12 month old
- screamed or grunted when he wanted something or needed something
- Lost all but 2 words, only had Dada and Buh Bye
- Not toilet trained
- I help feed him in a high chair

All we asked Brick By Brick to help Owen with, first and foremost, was being able to communicate. If not anything else, we wanted Owen to be able to talk, and I wanted to be a little selfish - I wanted to hear him say, mama.

Within a year, of Intensive Behavioural Therapy, countless hours, gas driving him to Fonthill, happiness and tears - Owen can now

- Speak
- Request people, items
- Label
- colours
- Shapes
- animals
- puzzles
- ABC's
- eat with a spoon, independently
- Count from 1-30
- Operate a computer and mouse
- engage in play with children, and his siblings
- dress himself with little help
- Toilet trained in 5 days
- spell his name :)

and my favourite, say mama.

This is not everything, but what a list in a year! I could not be prouder, and be such a real voice for the benefits of Early Intervention. All I can say, is what a year - and heres to another year full of love, learning, and life. oxox

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  1. That is fantastic. He's come so far! Keep it up Owen!