Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Friday, April 22, 2011

One of the lucky ones..

I say this, because of my research hobby I have taken up in the past couple of weeks. Even though I live and breath Owen, Madelynn, Ben .. and my new child, Owens Autism,.. I am always finding new stories to watch, new blogs to read..new people to inspire me.

One of my worst and best resources has been Youtube. I wrote a while ago, that peoples horrible comments on Youtube made me not want to EVER put videos of Owen up, public or private. You never know what could leak out, and seeing someone make such horrible comments about my beautiful son would hurt me so bad, ignorant or not.

What I like to do, is look up children who remind me of Owen, even look at years to come. Now, believe me, I totally understand and appreciate no 2 children on the ASD spectrum is alike, and that is the DARN truth. When you have met one child with ASD, you have only met ONE child with ASD, that is why it is such a large spectrum. I like to find common similarities to Owen, I like to find issues parents are having and see how they are dealing with the behaviour - the whole thing interests me so much.

What I have found common in children/adults with ASD, they elope. Elope means, they run off, walk off - leave you without telling you. This is such a scary behaviour, that thank goodness, Owen does not have. I know when I take Owen ANYWHERE, he is right by my side. He has never tried to run off, he listens so well, but I think we are one of the lucky ones. This behaviour is so common, and it is scary being a parent if y our child has this issue, they could wonder off anywhere, run into traffic because they love the colour red and see a stop sign they want to touch.. and if possible, its more horrific if your child is non-verbal.

Abduction is possible, you hear about so many Autistic children, and lately the non-verbal and deaf child with ASD in Quebec wandering off with his sister near a river.. and still not found. In Nova Scotia, a boy with ASD wandered off in the freezing cold in the dead of winter, was found frozen to death. What I don't understand, is they have Amber alerts for children missing, why not have something more with a children with ASD, especially being non-verbal.

Even a typical child, there is always the possibility for going missing, that parents take precautions too. With Owen to teach him to always stay with me, I bought a harness backpack at Walmart for him, he hated it - I hated the stares, but it worked for him. In no time, he knew when we are out, he stays by my side, and I am so thankful for his ability to understand that.

Sometimes, I am reminded that we are in a sense, one of the lucky ones. oxox

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  1. Lucky indeed.
    and not just children with ASD "elope' typical children do as well.
    I have a few.
    So happy Owen is happy to stay by your side.