Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cause and Effect... Cause and Effect..

I think we all enjoy a little cause and effect in our lives. I like knowing that when I give money to my Tim Hortons lady, she WILL give me my morning coffee :) I enjoy knowing that when I put the dirty laundry into the washer that when I take it out it is going to be clean...cause and effect..cause and effect.

For Owen, he adores cause and effect. He likes knowing when he touches a certain part on his iPad, he will get lights and whistles. He likes knowing that when he goes into his Elmo ABC App, that when he traces with his finger a capital, B and then a lower case b, that he will get a video of his favourite sesame street characters.

Owen did not start out even realizing what cause and effect was, even though we have been using cause and effect since all of us, Autistic or not, have been born. In infancy, we cried or screamed and in return, we got food or our ass's changed. In toddler stage, we pointed with our index finger for the, "milk" and we received it. As a child, we ask for things, we get it... and it carries on into our adulthood.

I guess with typical children, they grasp this concept almost immediately when they figure it out. With Autism, and Owen in particular, he had to learn exactly what cause and effect is. At therapy, he was introduced to the computer before we introduced it to him at home. When he first began, what drew him in to using it, was the cause and effect. I know that when I push the space bar that fish are going to swim by..and then Owen wanted to learn more, preform more tasks using the computer.. and now, we can barely take him away from it.

Owen totally now grasps the concept now of cause and effect, and it has helped him advance so much in every aspect of his journey.. not only using an iPad and computer like it was his job :)

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