Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Friday, April 15, 2011

Angry Birds - thanks Megan.

Ryan and I are living in a world where cell phones are owned by our friends, texting is unheard of, and apps are forgein to us. We get made fun of for this way of life, but we like it. It saves us money, we have a home phone (where we are most of the time) and we just think they are annoying. Our family have strongly disagreed with us for years, and last year, my nana gave us her OLD cellphone, pay as you go, just for emergencies. We caved.

Now, we have friends who play a game, that is literally called, "Angry Birds". Seriously. Maybe I am just the one that is shocked a popular game is about birds who are pissed off. My dear friend Megan is one of these addicted people who play this game, and I had no idea why. Then we buy Owen his iPad, and Ryan puts on this angry birds. Megan comes over, and shows him how to play it - my life is now full of angry birds.. Owens' new obsession.

No joke- if the kid is not playing the game itself, he is looking videos up on youtube of other people playing the game, making a game of their own, watching the trailer for the game, dancing to the pigs... Owen is completely obsessed. I don't even know how he finds this stuff, but he does.

I never knew how amusing launching birds into contraptions with green pigs in them could be. lol.

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