Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

YAY for NPCC finally coming through!

Politics - as much as people say they care for your child and want to see the best for them, and some of that may be true - but in the end, it always come back down to politics.

We were first introduced to the Niagara Peninsula Children's Centre almost a year ago from Owens Speech therapist, for a program they run for children typical or not, who are struggling with communication. It is an introduction to preschool, it was amazing and Owen really enjoyed it (I posted some pictures from when we attended). During this program, we also had an evaluation for Owen to have what they refer to as a, "team"..which would consist of a Social Worker, OT and Speech therapy.. all at no cost to us :)

We had to advise them of all the agencies Owen is involved with right now, and at that time it was Brick By Brick, Bethesda and them. It was like as soon as we said we are paying for IBI therapy, we were shoved off - for a year. We had meetings, phone calls, and it seemed like we were just being pushed aside, as agencies do not want to step on each others toes.. blah blah.

I was so frustrated with this, because in my eyes, the only person truly suffering was Owen.. no one else. So, after several months wait, and still have a little wait ahead of us till Fall this year - we are now getting a team for Owen, and could not be happier.

Yay for special needs politics - makes me sick.


  1. The NPCC team is super awesome. My little guy was in the JK program for a year and benefited much, however was he was discharged, he was put back on wait lists for speech and OT. OT has already begun at his new school but who knows how long speech will take.
    good luck

  2. I am so glad you are enjoying it there, we did as well.. I am hoping it will still be as great! :)
    The waitlists are BRUTAL eh!