Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Who pissed in his Corn Flakes?

Seriously.. was it not enough sleep? Is it the fact that I am now training a new puppy to go pee outside.. maybe its because his daddy and I actually took a night out for ourselves and went out to dinner? Not sure what caused the issues tonight for our little man, but man was I angry - and I don't want to see that for a long time.

Ryan and I were getting ready to go out for our 5 Year anniversary of being together, and we wanted to go out for dinner to St. Catharines. My kids are smart - like they know what we look like and wear around the house, and then what we transform into when we are going out together on a date.. they always knew.. and they knew tonight.

So, the tears start flowing and screams start, and we bolt out the door. We had a wonderful dinner and got home a few hrs later - to Owen passed out in bed and my brother the babysitter with loads of stories. Owen was fine, and then snapped. He didn't get his way, got pissed off and stood in front of my brother and peed his pants...seriously. Why does this get me so crazy angry? a-he is toilet trained. b-he KNOWS better...but this is Owen, that is how he knows he will get to you.. he pees.

Fine. We get home, he is sleeping than awakes when he hears us. Everything is fine again, until he doesn't get his own way..he then proceeds to walk down the hall covered in poop - he pooped in my room and then down the hall - What is going on with him? I was furious, and honestly, could not believe my eyes. Then in between his whines and screams all night, since he can't swear to me, he grinds his teeth..

what a day. Here's hoping tomorrow gets better.

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