Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, March 6, 2011

There are worse things..

I heard tonight that some people were around my husband, and the topic was, "Autistic kids". Apparently to some people, having a child with Autism is the worst thing that could happen, and if they could find out in utero that their child has Autism, they would most likely cancel the pregnancy.

I am a firm believer in to each their own, and I have my own beliefs. I was asked tonight if I knew Owen was Autistic would I have changed my mind, and I was proud to say my answer was No...a firm No. I even opted out of being tested for down syndrome - Ryan and I were willing to take on whatever we were blessed to have.

Believe me, Autism is not fun - and if you meet a parent who tells you its the best thing in the world, they would wish it on anyone - chances are, they are lying. Its not fun, and if you are a reader on this blog since day 1, you know that. We have had a rough road and journey this past year, and its not going to get better, and if it does, it will get worse than get better. Autism is so complex, its a neurological disorder that effects these children in such a way we are just learning to understand.

Ryan is not like me, I do get offended easily, and I would hope if people knew, they would tread lightly when talking about this issue - I am sensitive..nuff said.. my hubby, is not. Don't mistake his lack of sensitivity for lack of caring, because that is not the case - he is so protective of Owen, but he realizes where I struggle, that some people simply just need to be educated. After hearing people talking about how they would handle their child if they were Autistic and that the child would basically be, "a lost case"..he was offended.. and what was worse? they didn't care he was there, full well knowing about Owen.

I know I can not change peoples way of thinking, and ignorance, but it still hurts..alot. I only wish people would be a little more understanding, if not behind our backs at least to our faces.


  1. Thank you, ignorence is disgusting.

  2. hi Vanessa
    when we found out i was pregnant with our 2nd bub ( found out same week Charlie got his ASD diagnosis ) my boss took it upon herself to counsel me....her advice was to find out the sex of bub 2 & if bub was another male we should consider our "options" ( due to higher rate of ASD in boys ). Was so stunned i couldnt speak ( regret that now! ). I cried for days...how could anyone consider that my boy was a pregnancy that should not of been allowed to be!!.
    If people only knew what pain they cause.