Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I got knocked up and gave birth to a fur-baby

I love putting stupid things on my status on Facebook, always implying that I am, once again, knocked up. I like it, because we are believable. We are "those" type of people, that had 3 babies in 4 years..August 2007, November 2008, and February 2010 (married in 2009).

Some may say we had several accidents, reproduce like a cat, or just stupid. For us, this is the life we wanted, as soon as we met each other. Ryan and I were never the, "careful" type, and within months of meeting, we were pregnant. I wish I could say it was with Owen, sadly it was not. Unfortunately, we lost the first one at 12 weeks, but for us, the thought was already there.. we were upset, devastated, and we wanted to try again. Successfully, we had Owen a year later...and from them on, Madelynn and Benjamin followed.

I recently put on my Facebook status, that we have added o the family again, this time I gave birth to a fur baby... Ellie. As Ryan and I work in this field, we know how dogs have a benefiting effect on children with Special Needs, ASD being one of them. Owen spent a bit of time with the therapy dog that his therapy centre had, and has always loved dogs.

From my point of view, we tried in the past, and I never had the patience, or the time. I was always pregnant when we tried to own a dog, we always rescued dogs that had, "baggage", and it always ended in a child being bit or me loosing my mind. We have had offers from different family, full well knowing I was not ready to do it, I always felt pushed. I wanted to have Owen toilet trained, Maddie toilet trained, I wanted it to be on my terms, since, lets be honest - I will be training the dog, right?

Jump to a couple weeks ago. We were looking for about a month at owning a dog for Owen, we had to agree and we were looking for a purebred. Her name is Ellie, we are the first owners, and I have a load of patience :)

So, without further a due - This is Ellie :)
and Owen loves her...she loves him too.

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  1. Awww congrats !!
    I'd love a dog but with all the kids and Gino being a letter carrier,for now it's not in the books.