Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, March 21, 2011

Disney on Ice - stim...stim...stim.

This was our 2nd adventure with Owen (and this time we thought we would bring along lil' sis) to a live show from Disney. Last year, Owen was pretty well behaved for a 2 yr old. He sat on my lap, he smiled..and now looking back, he stimmed... this was pre-diagnosis.

I wanted to go again this year, and this year it was on Ice..Ryan, was reluctant.. whether it was the spending of money or the drive to 45 minutes away Hamilton..one will never know, but I convinced him to go, and it worked. We bought the tickets a week ago, got great seats, didn't break the bank - and we were off on Sunday March 20th to see Mickey Mouse and the gang.

I wasn't sure how Owen would be this year - another year older, more behaviours, he is potty trained and just can't piss in his pants, the crowds, the loud music - OMGGGGGG... but I had my partner in crime and our daughter - we were doing this.

Owen and Maddie had a great time, they clapped before the show started for the lights changing on the ice, they went potty with no accidents, and yes - Daddy bought them EACH a spinning light thing to play with during the show...and I am so pleased to say, they were AMAZING!

Owen lasted through the whole show, like his sister - I was so proud :)

We will be going again, thats fo sho.


  1. Aww so glad they both enjoyed the show.
    Super cute pictures!!
    We missed it this year but went last.

  2. Lisa - they loved it, and they were SOOOO good!!!!!