Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bethesda - Home Assessment

It never ends - assessments, appointments, therapies.. thus is life. I know it is all for the greater good for Owen, but sometimes I would love to take a step back and breathe.. and I don't think Ryan and I get that as much as we would like. I am sure some of you reading this has someone in your family, even your child that suffers from not only Autism, any disability - its nice to just step back and breathe.

I was not too nervous for this assessment, really anything to do with Bethesda I am pretty cool with - they treat us wonderfully, part due to we work there, and a lot of the professionalism maybe is put aside for a little bit, it feels like more talking to a colleague than anything. We heard wonderful things about Owen, he is smart, they were so happy he is potty trained, he is doing great! with one area of concern - he should be speaking more than he is. I am really not sure why he isn't. Some days he has verbal diarrhea, and then other days he wants to communicate with one word.. its like pulling teeth to get him to speak.. I guess we all have good days and rougher ones.

So, we are being signed up for a communication class, to help teach us how to work more with Owen when he is at home with his verbal - we admitted, we have no clue and have never had to teach a child how to speak and communicate - typical children mimic and do these things mostly on their own with help - not fully. I am super excited for this, so not only with Owen be working on his verbal with BBB therapy, we will be able to continue this at home as well, to our full potential.

What was also great to hear, is behavioural wise, he is doing amazing - and I am proud to say most of that is due to Ryan and myself, and our ability to follow through on requests, and we expect a lot from Owen :)

All in all, it was wonderful - and as anticipated, we will behaving at least a 2 yr wait for his therapy to be covered, so not this summer 2011 - we will hopefully be covered summer 2012...feels so far away.


  1. We just finished phase one of the Bethesda journey. We will find out in May if J is even eligible for IBI, then the 2 and plus wait list begins. He's 10 now. Will he really even benefit if we wait that long?
    Good luck to you.

  2. I hope J does, it is proven having IBI can help any child, I think he would totally beneit from it. The wait for sure is annoying, sometimes those 2 years looses a child :(