Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, February 28, 2011

My baby boy turns 1!!! :)

I have struggled with the reality of my youngest EVENTUALLY turning 1.. and the day and the day went. I guess it was like the realization that it could be the last time we as parents have a one year old to celebrate...I know strange.

It has also been super stressful waiting.. waiting to see if Ben is going to be Autistic.. and its funny, its not the diagnosis's that is bothering me if it were to happen, its everything that comes with it.. financially, planning....everything.. I just want to know...like yesterday.

As usual, we had all the regular family over, had pizza and snacks.. and one of the most amazing cakes (picture is attached) ever made.. we call Ben "BOO BOO Bear".. so the cake was Boo Boo Bear.. thank you Sweetart.ca :)

So for me, this birthday was bittersweet.. since we are really stuck on the choice of having another child in the future.. for me, I need Owen to keep doing well.. and for Ben to be alright for me to even think about a fourth.. my husband, could have a football team if my body would allow it.. haha.

So here is to another year gone by, another beautiful Coens baby turns 1, and our family is ready to tackle another year.

Happy 1st Birthday Ben.. love you so much.

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