Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Friday, February 11, 2011

A day like any other.. well kinda.. sorta

I am so sorry my friends, I have been having a rough couple of weeks.. and my blogging has been on hold. I don't want to get into specifics, but my family life (not my awesome family of 5 under my roof) but other family issues have been super intense, liberating, and hurtful.. and now we have another member in our home, my 19 year old brother Eric.

How is Owen adapting? pretty friggin good.. better than I ever thought he would.. even Eric having his room. Owen in the middle of the night will usually awake with a nightmare or something, and he sneaks into my bed anyway - so no biggie. That has been the past 2 weeks in a very small nutshell, and things are unfolding everyday in my family.. so we are best to stay away from it..for sure.

Other than that, Owen has been still kicking Autism's ass - as I got his 2nd report card from his therapy team. Amazing this kid is, seriously. He is doing things I had no idea he could..like know his own name written? seriously?! haha.. here I am taking all this for granted when he is totally showing me up.. he has also mastered pooping on the potty - no more crappy undies YAY!! We were having accidents few and far between, and I am happy to say no more :)

We have also visited J/K Open Houses last week, holy scary. Seriously.. my kid is going to school.. not that I totally mind, he will love it and I get a little break.. but I worry about the right school, the fore seen battles in the distance, everything. I have it down to 2 schools.. the old enemies - who will win? Catholic or public?! :) Give me some more time.

Lastly, why I think I have taken a couple week break my friends - today was one year. One year that Owen was diagnosed with Autism, and it was a hard day. My little man one year ago today, non-verbal, severe-moderate, and I was mourning him today. Was in my closet in my bedroom crying and crying, and thinking this was it - this was the end of the road for him... our lives literally change forever.. and now looking back over the past year, I can proudly and honestly say I would not change a thing.

He is hope. He now is a story a year ago I was searching to read about, he is my little miracle. I am proud of the person he is, the person he is going to be, and the road and journey he is taking to get there. I am amazed how close he has brought our family and friends, and my marriage. I am thankful today for him, and I enjoy seeing him everyday learning something new, showing Autism who's boss - because yes, I still dislike this horrible neurological disorder, with little funding.

So even though today was tough, and I reminisced a lot, I think how far we have come, how much he has changed me as a person and as a mother - and I wouldn't have our life or my Owen any other way - hand flapping and all :)

ps- The pictures are from the month he was diagnosed.. what a change.

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