Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, February 28, 2011

The common issue I am finding with other parents - Haircuts.

I really regret not taking a picture of my war-wounds from Mr. Owen Carl. I remember getting his first haircut done, his hair was super long.. and we ONLY got it done for Ryan's sisters reception for pictures. He was great, and behaved... he got to watch a movie and sit in a car (pretend of course.. lol) he was amazing.. then he grew up.

It was almost like he was diagnosed, and then with the diagnosis came - NO HAIRCUTS EVER AGAIN, AND IF I HAVE TO GET THEM DONE, MOM IS GOING TO PAY - WITH HER BLOOD..and this has happened. We take him to a wonderful place, called Youngheadz, they are wonderful with children with Autism, even supported by Autism Niagara. I still though find myself apologizing in advance, because I know this is such a hard thing for Owen to do, I literally have to restrain the poor kid on my lap on the barber chair - legs over his lap, hands behind his back - and ready to go.

Other parents I have talked to, not all but most, have a similar problem with haircuts. We all were trying to narrow it down.. was it the noise of the clippers.. maybe.. was it the water on her hands..possibly.. for Owen in particular, it seems like just the touch is like a punch in the face several times over and over - like he is in pain.. and it breaks my heart.

This time around, my hands are all scratched up.. they were bleeding.. and sad to say, this was the best behaved he has been for a haircut since before the diagnosis was given.. the chick even had Shrek on - didn't help at all. I wasn't taken Owen often, feeling that if it was just once in a while, it wouldn't be so bad - wrong...now, I am taking him once a month and hoping that will change and he will somewhat get used to it.. and this is just something we must overcome.

One a plus side - the haircut looks awesome :)

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