Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, January 10, 2011

Owen vs. Potty - Winner by knock out - OWEN CARL!!!! :)

Owen is a freakin' potty rockstar - he kicked the shit out of the potty, with a couple good jabs and then an amazing right hook - Owen floored the potty, and hasn't looked back since.

The potty training, as I have written before was not fun. The traditional way did not work for Owen, as he thrives on structure and routine, so we took our pottying to the next level, and followed an amazing program that totally worked for the little guy.

I am so PROUD to say that Owen is TOTALLY TRAINED, and he is even now communicating that he needs to go, by waving his finger in my face (the ASL sign is your thumbin between your index finger and waving it.. I like Owens better :)

So, today we pottied it up, and drove 1/2 hr to therapy, all dry. I was so excited to tell his therapist at IBI today, I myself was struggling to hold pee in!! :) They couldn't believe it, and were so impressed that he was wearing NO diaper! I just gave them the low down, potty him once an hr (I know he can go every 2 hrs but I wanted 1 hr just in case) and packed some extra undies and pants.. I just kept thinking in my head, he does so well at home, what if he becomes just a mess at therapy?

I picked him up 3 hrs later, they pottied him every hour on the hour, no accidents, and he went every time!!!!!! :) YAY!!!

So, I get to be one of those lucky moms that say that their child, with ASD can use the toilet with minimal help, now only if I can get Miss Maddie to follow suit, what a great start to the New Year!! Happy 2011 :)



  1. YEAH OWEN!!! We are sooooo proud of you. Yet another accomplishment to add to your belt. Love you little man!