Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, January 10, 2011

My First Experience Being A Guest Blogger... I loved it.

As I have bragged about before, I have lost the weight of a child... 55lbs :) and I could not have anyone to think first but the website, www.myfitnesspa.com .. it is a free website that after you make your profile, you track your calorie intake as well as any exercise you may have done for the day. Its an amazing website, and I totally swear by it - there is no rapid way to drop weight it takes time and effort, and this website helps you the old fashioned way.

Also, a tool on this website is having the ability to meet new friends all over the world and to give each other support and strength to continue on this life changing journey. My name on this site is, "Autismmom".. haha yes, of course it is.. and alot of the people that request to be my friends are for 3 reasons a)we are friends in real life b)I have lost a lot of weight and people want to see what I am eating/exercising to do so, or c) They have a child or know of someone with Autism.

This is how I met Tara. I was on the community part of the site which is a forum, you can post different questions you may have, join certain groups, and read success stories. I found a post written by Tara, and I could not believe how much weight she had lost, and of course, had a son with Autism. I added her right away, and ever since then, we have supported each other with weight, and all things Autism. Her beautiful son is Owens age, born the same month as well, and just got an IPad, which studies have shown really helps children with ASD communicate, especially non-verbal children.

Tara wrote to me yesterday, asking to be her first Guest Blogger on her website, www.Loudmommy.com, which is a site she created to help other mothers out there who need support and she raises fundraisers to help pay for ASD children to have an IPad, to help communicate.

I loved every part of it, and was so honoured Tara would ask me. If you want something good to read, visit her website, her blogs are happy, honest, and full of her amazing personality.. and if you're feeling a little generous help out, or recommend the site to someone that may have an ASD child and would benefit from having an IPad :)

Every little bit counts :)


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