Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Is done playing the, "you're a d-bag and I wish there was a dislike button on your face" game.

I love having this blog.. I love having a place for me to escape to and vent, celebrate, brag, cry.. post pics.. whatever I need to use it for, it is here. I can write on here till my hearts content, and Ryan enjoys not having to listen to me 24/7, and if the mood strikes him he can read about our life on here.

I have been angry for almost a year now, I have been angry for several reasons but not limited too, some family that piss me off, friends that have come and gone, issues with Owen arising, constant worrying...I missed an eyebrow to pluck.. just about everything. I have heard that some people will read my blog, and something hits them and they take it to heart, good or bad.. mostly bad when I vent... guilty concience maybe? ;)

Whatever the reason maybe, I am done. I am done letting the past continue to control my present, and trying to keep it from effecting my future. I am done playing the games, I am done everything. I am not sure if this feeling of emotion that hit me today is due to Owen becoming a man in front of my eyes and he is not letting anyone, even me stop him from kicking ass in anyway.. maybe its the ever growing appreciation and admiring of my husband (barf) that honestly has been amazing and overwhleming lately and so appreciated, maybe this morning no one shit in my cornflakes? All of the above? I'm not sure but I like this feeling of release, it feels good.

My new motto I want to live by in 2011 and hopefully the rest of my life and being a mother to the 3 most precious things on this earth and being a hardass advocate, is you want to be loved and appreicated and in our family? then do it. Or, you want to be a d-bag and everyday I secretly wish I could staple a dislike button to your face for me to push - do it. Either way, this is who I am.. this is what I stand for, and these other 4 people in my home are my life, thats me.

So I guess, you can either rock out 2011 with us, or not.. your call :)

Happy 2011 and Happy Life.. Happy Wife.


thanks for the monthly vent sesh'.

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  1. I love this!!!! Great Blog Lady! Congrats on Owen's Potty Training success!!! WHOO HOOO