Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Saturday, January 1, 2011

How Owen rings in the friggin New Year - not fun.

So, 2010 has come to an end. What a freakin year we have been through, and when you actually sit down and think about, it is incredible .. and I am so glad it is over with, we are ready to move the hell on.

Here is my list of shit we went through in 2010 -

-January I really noticed Maddie was surpassing Owen in communication, had him seen by my Family Dr.
-February - Owen was diagnosed by a developmental Pediatrician with Autism.
-March, he was diagnosed officially by Dr. Snyder as Severe.
- April, I realized how massively heavy I was, and wanted to loose weight - but had no ambition...and we signed Owen up for Private therapy at Brick By Brick. Owen was also at Niagara Peninsula Children's Centre for a program, and was supposed to be signed up for a team (OT therapy, Speech, Social worker..) never heard from them.
-Skip May, still no ambition..but decided to have a fundraiser for Owens therapy costs
-June, found my ambition, did a walk a thon for Autism Ontario and had Team Owen Carl shirts made, with my amazing friends. Owen finished the NPCC program, and when they found out he was having private therapy they found every excuse to drop his case.
-July and August- getting ready for the fundraiser, I am loosing massive weight, and Owen says for the first time, "mama"..melted my heart. We find out Owen is accepted onto the wait list for IBI therapy, COVERED by the government!!! Owen also turns 3 :)
-September - Owen Carls Journey Through Autism Fundraiser was brought to life, and I had my champagne year!
-October - Owen starts displaying some behaviours that piss me off..lol
-November - still giving some behaviours, we reach out for help, but before help comes, he is done and moves onto something else.
-December - reached my weight loss goal, Owen loves Christmas :)

Its been a crazy year - and glad we are moving on.. I feel like Owen is going to have a great year.. I am hoping.

As we were at our friends house last night for NY'S Eve, Owen gave us a good outburst, we haven't seen one like this in a good year, before he was even diagnosed. He lost his mind, there were too many noises, people he didn't know.. it was just horrible for him. I tried to calm him down as fast as I could, but it was bad, and finally took his dad doing a puzzle with him for 20 min for him to officially relax. That's how Owen rings in the new year - being a dbag, just to remind us that yes, I am still Autistic, you all still piss me off, just see what I can do.

After that show, and another trip to a friends house he was a little more familiar with, we came home, and we watched the Niagara Falls Countdown, and he loved the numbers on the tv - super cute. As I watched him loving the numbers on the screen, and watched my daughter partying her little heart out to the music, I thought about my resolutions - so I made a little list.

10) To really try and blog at least once a week.

9) To finish clearing out our garage - its so close

8) To not get prego till I WANT to, I am going to watch my birth control like a friggin hawk around my husband! lol

7) To go back to work, and try and be SUPER positive about it, and leaving my kids longer than I would ever want to.

6) To continue going on dates with Ryan, keeps it fresh.

5) To inherit Christmas this year from my nana, and give her body a break.

4) To continue to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.. and be helpful to other mommies who are struggling.

3) To protect my children from everything that pisses me off.

2)Start actually using my cookbooks :)

and the number 1 thing I really want to work on this year is ......

being the most amazing advocate for Owen, Autism, and anyone who is suffering from this disorder by means of volunteering, fundraising, public speaking - anything... Autism - I will continue to live and breath you, and continue to help my son kick your ass well into 2011.

Happy New Years, from our crazy dysfunctional family to yours ;)


  1. Holidays can bring out the worst in autistic kids, especially when they've just gotten started on a new routine. Next year's Christmas will be better: because he'll change *and* because your expectations will change.

    I like forward to your weekly blog updates.

  2. thank you, I am so hoping you are right! and with him being off IBI and preschool, he is so off his normal routine as well!

    Ps - I got something from shannons facebook page,something you has posted on yours I guess, about the first ever man (Donald) with Autism, what an amazing read!!!