Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Food and the Fiddle

I think with everything I can teach him to do independently, the more he will be self efficient, and not have to rely on others for. Our goal is teach him hopefully, most if not all life's necessities, and now seeing how quickly he can pick up things, this should be an easy task.... yea... except if the little bugger is SO smart he plays you like a fiddle.

I am Vanessa... aka- Mommy the fiddle. I have babied this kid forever, not giving him enough credit to do things on his own, and this example I am going to use for this blog, is feeding himself. I would sit his little butt in the baby highchair, and have myself convinced this is the ONLY way this kid is going to eat something, that is not McDonald's fries or a cookie. I even resulted back to baby food a year ago, because in my mind, he was not eating the right vitamins and nutrients.. okay, which he SO wasn't.. but now I realize all I needed to do was be firm, set boundaries and routine.. instead, that smarty pants, played me like a fiddle.. but it all came to a crashing halt.

I finally said to myself one day, enough is enough.. this kid is smart, like super smart... he even learned to become verbal from being non-verbal, like he can do pretty much anything.. and the days of me feeding him is over.. same with the sippy - that's gone too :)

and what happened you think? he went into starvation mode, lays on the couch, and wont eat? NO! He eats... by himself with minimally prompting to do so, and by gosh - at a TABLE! with his little sister. We have it structured, routine.. something that when I am at work do everyday, more than once, took me longer to actually bring that home and implement it? funny eh.. lol.

But like I said, sitting at the table, eating by himself...giving him skills that makes him more independent.. he may not appreciate it now, but he will.. I know he will :)


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