Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Almost a year and I am still EAGER to talk a strangers ear off

I like this... I like to inform people, I like to educate people, I love to brag.. like Ryan says, I never shut up :)

I look back to where we were as a family last year, and to think I am fortunate enough to say that Owen was non-verbal this time last year, blows my mind. The little bugger doesn't stop talking, and its amazing.. and very hard to think back to that time when no words were being spoken from him. I really try to remind myself of those times, where I would cry and fill my mind and Ryans full of ideas and thoughts I had about our son..some that at that time made perfect sense.. and others not so much.

I write about this today, because another exciting but surreal event is happening in our lives in a month, my baby boy Benjamin will be turning a year. Poor beautiful big Ben, he didn't have a chance this year..lol. Owen was diagnosed Feb. 11 of last year, and little Ben made his debut on the 24th of the same month. As I am raising 3 children under 3, one was just born, one was just confirmed Autistic, and another is passing him.. it was a crazy year for us. Owen has been involved in so many programs this year, poor but patient Ben as been all but selfish.. he is my most happiest baby in the world, I almost want to be a weirdo and say that he knew I needed him to be that way for me.. he is also the most clingy of all.. almost to be there for me through all this mess this past year... lol.

Now, we get to celebrate him turning 1 in a month, and what better way to celebrate and NOT wreck my home, to have a small party at Cheeky Monkeys for him :) This way all his little buddies and (siblings) can go off and actually have fun, and I have no mess to clean up - the perfect plan of action.. and when we had Owens birthday here this year he loved it.. why not?

So back to the original story - as I am booking, I explain to the woman that I would like a later party as we will have some children there with Autism, including my son, who does not do well with crowds of people he doesn't know.. and last time they were so wonderful with us. She was great, made the arrangements, put me at ease.. and then she started asking questions.. I love answering questions about Owen, again, it makes me remember how far we have come.

Well, it turns out she has a brother with severe developmental delays, and through all kinds of sources, we totally connected. She could not believe he was potty trained, plays with other children, doesn't scream - and she said it must be the parenting ( cue in blushing) lol, and all I could say was I think in some situations, I am fortunate where Ryan and I work.. we may sometimes, have one up on other parents who are not sure of this whole new world.

Poor woman, I must have talked her ear off about Owen, but I really think she was interested..she kept asking more what can I say? I'm a pretty proud mom with a big proud mouth :)


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