Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, December 13, 2010

Chatty Cathy

Talk... Talk....Talk.. its like music to my ears hearing Owen speak. Its almost surreal to believe and remember that last Christmas Owen was non-verbal, we were discussing getting him diagnosed officially, and I was super prego with Ben.

I can not believe how fast this past year has went by, and so much has happened in our lives, and I am pleased to say for the better. Owen has been attending therapy at BBB now for 7 months, and has been talking non-stop since.

Owen asks for everything, every 5 minutes for a "different" (also paired with the signing for different) disney movie, if he wants more milk, his shoes on to go out, a bath, he has "ca ca" and wants his diaper changed, and knock knock/open for something he wants open, and probably my favourite - "NO", which he uses all the time :) ...and the list goes on.. I am amazed.

Ryan said to me this past week, that he can not believe how much Owen is talking.. and its true.. where did the boy go that couldn't even say ma ma? It is hard to remember that little guy that that just melted your heart without saying a word.

I think also for Owen, having this form of communication has given him the ability to interact with his little sister more, and they have formed such a better relationship...and that is something I only hope grows stronger and stronger.

I am not sure who to thank.. therapy for the work and effort they always provide? God for making Owen another year older and more maturity? or Owen himself.. for having the ability to kick Autism's ass on a daily basis?

I thank them all. oxox


  1. This gives me so much hope Vanessa, now I'm crying...lol...I really hope that next Christmas I can say the same things about my little boy. Your little man is precious!!!! I'm so proud of him and the amazing strides he is taking! HOW amazing!!!

  2. Well done. I never know who to thank for my guys' progress either. The school? My wife's hard work? My own? Or would they have progressed naturally on their own? I reckon it's a mixture of all, so keep it up!

  3. Tara - thank you SO much!! and Grady WILL get there!!! Its insane to think a yr ago, he couldnt say mama, and now, its the thing I hear everyday!! :)

    That right lebelinoz, who do we thank?! :)