Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Worth the Wait - Joel Smith Photography

This morning, I awoke.. like any morning really. I got Ben up after having such a rough night teething, Maddie awoke wanting some milk, and Owen was last - walking in the livingroom with his blanket in hand.. this happens every morning.

I give the kids their breakfast, and then usually hop onto Facebook to check my email, and just do what every other person does on there - creep my friends :)

This morning was different. I logged onto my account, and saw my family, my beautiful kids, my handsome husband and all my inlaws - we got our pictures from Joel Smith Photography. I have mentioned Joel before, he did so much for Owens Fundraiser, took photos of the kids, and I connected with Joel right away as his nephew also suffers from Autism. This was probably the most important choice we made when choosing a photographer, he works very well with Owen.. who does require more time and patience. He was totally understanding, and waitied him out. I highly recommened Joel to any family that have children with Autism, or any issues..he has children of his own, and works wonders. We will be working with Joel for the entire year, as he has offerred us to be aprt of his 360 Family Package, so anytime I would like him to take pictures through out the year, he will be there - camera in hand. I have so many ideas for this year as far as pictures goes for our kiddies and us, and as anyone who has been in our home - I love hanging our pictures for everyone to see how proud we are of our family..its my thing.

So from the bottom of my heart Joel, thank you. Thank you for giving me something amazing to wake up too, and for capturing our family in their natural ways - all your pictures are so real, so thank you, and I can not wait to do some more soon :)

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