Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Who better to understand

I have to thank the ASD Seminar, Kaelin from Highschool, and Kelli getting the balls to come up to me and meet me! I have written several time about Kelli before, her husband Adam, and their 2 awesome kids, Emily and Ryan.

We had the Semarks over for dinner, and I always enjoy seeing them, and talking to them. They are in the same boat we are, going through the motions, and it is so nice to have each other to talk to about certain things we are going though. Ryan right now, is doing so well. He is speaking so much, I am so proud of him!! He gives me so much hope for Owen, as they are so much alike.

I enjoy when the boys scream, they sound so similar, it is almost like there is a secret language that we don`t know about - its the cutest thing. We then got to talk about all the issues we are having, different ideas we had - it is honestly so refreshing. I know a lot of our friends are super understanding and supportive, but there is something special about another couple in the same situation that you are in, they understand you like no other, I am so thankful they are in our lives.

I can bitch about a rude old bag at Zellers, trying to give me advice on my screaming child, and then I say to her what I always say to these people, `` my son as Autism, feel free to ask me any questions``....blah blah..and I know saying this story, they understand.. they understand the looks we get, the comments, the ignorance.. they just fully understand.

I don`t feel bad letting Owen walk around in just a diaper, because they know that if Ryan were at home, he might be doing the same thing. I know when we hear a scream, we are not looking to yell at them, we are looking to see what child it was..or that in a grocery store, Owen might scream and drop to the floor laying down and trying to pick him up off the floor is like hanging onto dead weight.. I don`t feel I have to get my excuse book out, because they are going though it all as well...

I have always believed, and especially as of the past year, people enter our lives for a reason, and I full heartily believe that the Semark family is another. I am so lucky to have met them, and excited to have our friendship grow.


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