Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A ray of light.....

I have been venting as of late about how hard this month has been with Owen. Owen is changing, he is getting older, loosing some behaviours and gaining new ones.. its been hard. I have had such crappy days, worrying about him, letting my mind wonder - totally not productive.

I think, again, that someone or something out there is watching us.. letting me know, when things get too bad, that they are there. I would like to share with you what has been uplifting, unbelievable, and given me strength as of late -

My friend Victoria was at work, and this is what started a beginning to a better week---- ``So I'm at work serving customers, and this guy walks up to counter and starts ordering. I look down and notice he's wearing one of Owen's bracelets!!!!!! I choked and asked if he knew the family, he said no. I asked him how he got the bracelet and he told me he went to this wicked fundraiser in the falls for this kid. I... stood there and almost started to cry!! I asked him one more question and that was why he wore the bracelet.....he told me his nephew has autism. He said that Owen's story caught his eye on cocego and gives him hope his nephew can be a success in the making like Owen....... I was a mess.``

Where would I even begin to explain how this felt reading this on my facebook wall.. I am sure you can imagine!! I needed to read that Owen is still such an inspiration to some children who are still struggling with being verbal, I really stop and think about how different of a little man he was back in Feb compared to now, almost a year later - incredible.

Next really was a blessing. A wonderful mother, who knows exactly what we are going through, as her son is in therapy with Owen, raised money at her work for Owens therapy treatment. I was a mess when I read the note she wrote me, because families above all, completely relate to the hardships we go through, emotionally, financially, everything. It just showed there are people in the world, that truly do care, and it has made both Ryan and I want to help other families in years to come, when we are able too. It is the best feeling in the world, and I thank Sam, his parents, and Wendy's work for your amazing kindness and your caring hearts - we are forever grateful♥

Yes, we have been going through a rough patch, and I do get down on myself for not being the mother that cured Autism.. but there is not greater feeling than being lifted from the struggles by so many, and seeing Owen work his ass off to get continue on his forever journey.

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