Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meeting with Brick By Brick - Our plan of Action

So, the day came.. where we knew Owens behaviours were increasing and we were nervous. His screaming reached a whole new peak, and we saw he was getting more agitated.. we hated it.

Even though my mind as of late has been consumed with horrible and stressful thoughts for my little guy, it was reassuring that Brick By Brick was feeling the same thing. They too notices that he has changing, more non-compliant, he was getting angry often, and just not listening. Months ago, they would make a request of him and he would do it, no issues.. now, he just screams and screams.

We had our meeting, and to be honest, I was anticipating the worst for him, but it was not like that. We talked about different strategies we could start implementing with Owen, like planned ignoring when he is screaming, making him use his words more, different reinforce rs instead of just chocolate all the time.. stuff like that.

I also got to ask about Owen starting JK this coming September, and the school in our district, as per rumours, is horrible to children with special needs. Without saying much and just looks across the table, I knew they felt the same about that school, and suggested others for us to look into to. I also asked if they felt that Owen was developmentally delayed, and thank God - no... he is amazing at academics, just not at the social and communication right now... so I guess we will have to see where he is come next year.

All in all, it was a great meeting, and we felt better leaving. We will also be apart of a new program they are offering, the HIP program, which is Home Intervention Program, so they can see what Owen is like at home, how we deal with him .. and they can give us more of a guide. The following day at therapy, they introduced the planned ignoring when Owen would begin screaming, and his screams went down dramatically..which is awesome!!

I feel much better knowing we have a guide now to continue on our journey with Owen, there are and going to be so many leaps and bounds to overcome, its nice to know you have a whole team behind you every step :)


  1. Vanessa: we have found schools can be a complete coin flip when it comes to dealing with autism. Some schools don't deal with disabled kids very well, and we just make ourselves sick fighting the system. Other schools just happen to have a staff member with autism experience or a knack for dealing with our boys, and those feel like a gift from Heaven.

    P.S. Cute tux!

  2. You totally understand!! I guess it is just the luck of the draw eh? We are going to go to TONS of open houses, see what we can get...fight for what he needs for sure. Believe me - the school system does not want to deal with us :)

    Thank you!!!!!!!