Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Colouring - he loves it.

I think this is wonderful, I am so glad Owen has truly embraced something so creative - and cheap :)

Owen began colouring a while ago, not really looking at what he was drawing, not caring about the lines, not knowing how to hold his crayon. It happened after our appointment for an Occupational Therapist, we never really knew Owen enjoyed drawing, until she tested him on it. We were so proud that he actually liked it, and that day, we went out and bought him the same one they used to test him.

We then bought colouring book, crayons, markers - everything for him and Maddie to enjoy. It wasn't touched - he had lost interest. It was back to obsessing over movies, television shows that annoying the hell out of anyone who watches them, and lining up.

This past week at therapy, Owen was so proud to show his picture when I walked through the door to pick him up. He coloured a picture with his therapist Laura, and it was a picture of In the night Garden, the ninky nonk.. he coloured it all in red. Laura told me he was so freakin proud of it, he loved it.. he carried it around all day... and to be honest, he is still so freakin proud of that picture.

Ryan hung it on the fridge for Owen, in reaching distance, so Owen can take it down when he wants, and show everyone who walks in the door. I also love that when he does show us, he says, "LOOK"... I love it... so verbal... so appropriate.

For Maddie's Birthday, she also got a colouring set from her Auntie Val, and her and Owen have not put it down.. to top it off, it is Toy Story. He loves it, and they colour together all the time.. he puts so much effort and concentration into his colouring, I am so happy he has found something he truly enjoys.. which is different from BBC Cartoons :)


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