Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, October 3, 2010

When I see an Autism Magnet on a car - my heart skips a beat.

My new, "thing" to do while I am driving, haha.. I know that sounds bad, but I look at peoples car/van magnets. I never really cared before, but since we got the Autism one for Owen and our mission, I know wonder why people have the certain magnets on theirs.

When I see a magnet ribbon for, "SAVE OUR TROOPS", I wonder who in their lives have someone fighting for our country? Who is sacrificing their lives everyday for the better of our country? What is their story? Maybe their a war veteran?

Then I will see a ribbon magnet for cancer, mostly unfortunately, Breast Cancer. I have to say, the bright pink and the fun - but to the point slogans really are catchy. Like, "SAVE THE TA TA'S", or, "WHO ARE YOU RUNNING FOR?". I wonder again, who in their lives has cancer invaded? Were they one of the blesses and beat that horrible cancer, or maybe not? It makes me automatically think of my nana, who 12 years ago, had her own battle with breast cancer, and thank God, she won. It is still so hard for her to talk about, and lives in fear one day it might come back.

Then the next common one I see - Autism. I now see the Autism magnet more than ever, almost everyday I am out and about - BAM - I see a Magnet. Then of course I start thinking, my son as Autism and we have one, maybe the people in that car can relate to us. I wonder if it there son or daughter, what struggles they have gone through - maybe its a grandchild, niece, even adult? Maybe they work in the field..who knows right?

I get so emotional over everything - as anyone who knows me can attest to, and this makes me so emotional as well. I get excited that so many people are bringing awareness, but also, so conflicted as the more magnets I see, it feels like the more children are being diagnosed.

But, if you see a Dodge Caravan, dark blue, family sticker of 5 on the back, and an Autism Ribbon being proudly driven around - knock up on the ribbon chart, and no need to wonder about our story, its all here.


PS- We rescued another cat - the kids love her.. and she deserves a picture on here for the amount of love the kids are trying to give her..lol. Her name is Livy :)

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