Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Something I have been wanting to hear...

I have been researching Autism now, for almost 2 years. I have watched YouTube Videos, read articles, read blogs.. everything. I think one of my favourite things to read is Success Stories, or even better - hear about them from people who have seen or experienced it up close and personal.

I remember I posted about a little boy named Sam, who's video brought me to tears as I watched it. Sam was the little boy, who was non verbal for so long, and this year he actually said a speech in front of his entire school - I was a mess. I was so proud for him, for his parents, and so envious of that feeling they had - success. I watched that video of Sam at a low point in our journey with Owen, he had just begun therapy, we weren't sure if he would respond to it or not.. things were so up in the air with him - then we see this video. I wanted to have what they had.

Ryan also has a friend, who's son is Autistic. Ryan has known Jay since Highschool, and we have known his son for a few years now. His son began IBI therapy at Bethesda, and did so well, he now lost his diagnosis.. he now just has tendencies - can you believe it? How could a hopeful mother like myself not want to experience all of this for Owen and our family? How could we just possibly give up?

Then comes last week. I know Owen is doing amazing, I write about it all the time - and it is becoming so normal now to have him talk and communicate in our home, I don't even Facebook his progress anymore - its too much to type. But when other people see something, it makes you remember.

Owen has been in preschool for almost 2 months now, and they are starting to do field trips, which is so great for him to get out with a group of kids, and honestly, he was amazing. We went to Warners Pumpkin Patch, and he was so well behaved, he listened, he played, he participated, he even took a small bite of an apple! :)
As Owen and I were sitting on the Hayride, I began to talk to the other Autistic boy (Brody) his grandmother, about Brody's history. She told me he was diagnosed this year, he is on the wait list, and he is nonverbal. I said well maybe when he starts therapy, you will see a difference in his speech - she said you are lucky though, Owen speaks. Yes, can I re-type that... Owen speaks. It took me back for a minute, she is envious of what we have in Owen, and I remember feeling just like that - I told her we have been in her shoes, not only just 6 months ago.

Owen was someones success story - Owen speaks.

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