Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, October 17, 2010


SERIOUSLY! The high pitch scream, that if you wouldn't know us as a family, you would think Owen was dying in pain - make this stop. Owen has increased so much in his vocabulary, he is initiating conversation, asking for items in the kitchen on his own, singing all the time - I swear, I could not be any prouder if I tried. Then.. comes screaming.

Owen has screamed since day 1, but now instead of being 3 months old and wanting a bubba.. he is 3 years old and is extremely excited over a Disney movie.. or he is mad because I took the left turn that takes us home and he wasn't ready to go home.. every scream means something.. and now, Ryan and I know what each means.

There are screams when he is mad at Ben for crying, mad at Maddie for taking his toy he lined up ever so perfectly on the ottoman in the living room, screaming because he has to have a nap - has to wake up.. screaming because he is as excited as can be over a movie/show and can not control it any other way.. believe me, there are a lot of screams. I have to be honest, now it is getting to the point, where it is too much and I wish the scream would sink back inside and never reappear.

Now why do you think all this screaming would be driving me to the nuthouse? because my friends, it is not only Owen - it is 2.0 - Maddie. Maddie sees Owen screaming and to her, this is completely normal, so she should scream any chance that she can.. so take all those reason above for screaming and now x by 2 - yes.. its loud here. I totally feel bad for our neighbours, they probably think the worst.. if they only knew this was our normal.

Maybe this is all just feeling like so much more lately, as I have had so much on my mind as of late with life after the Fundraiser. We have not had a moment to just stop, but the stress of monthly payments has stopped :) which I am ever so thankful for. Ryan has been able to be home more, take Owen to therapy and preschool to give me a break - it has been a complete blessing.

So, I guess we are just going to keep our plan of action the same with the screamer - keep telling him that its not alright..even though...sometimes when I am angry at Ryan for taking the wrong car, or I am super scared watching a movie, or someone is trying to wake me up on my morning to sleep in - I want to scream too. Makes you wonder, are we really the "typical" people? I think these Autistic kids are on to somethin' ;)


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