Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Owen's Best Friend Got Married :)

How do I begin to describe Owen's best friend? His best friend is a girl...she can not concentrate on the task at hand...she is 28..she lives 5 minutes away...her name is Megan..and she just got married this past Friday.

Unfortunately, Owen did not go.. or maybe that was fortunate? The poor kid would have went ape shit at the wedding, but he would have loved to see Megan and Claire tie the knot. I have always said to anyone that has wanted to win over our friendship and/or respect, just love our children..you treat them crappy - we treat you crappy..that is just how it is.

From day one, Megan and her wife Claire have been nothing but amazing to Owen, Maddie, and Ben. They babysit for us all the time, and Megans bond especially with Owen, is one to be admired. Megan used to work with children with ASD, and I can see why, after seeing her with Owen. She now is my co-worker at Bethesda, and it still surprises me she is not working with children, because she is great with Owen.

She always describes Owen as being one of her best friends, it is almost like they understand each other on a different level, even I may never know - she just clicks with him...she and Claire won us over a long time ago. Megan and Claire have been to quite a lot of our functions for the kids this past year, and if you can not find them, they are usually outside, chasing our kids, throwing them up in the air - just plain loving them.

Megan and Claire- your wedding was beautiful, I love to be a witness to true love, its an amazing feeling to see people you love express theirs before everyone :) .. and Owen of course, sends his love - and said you would have had more fun if he was there and not his loser parents ;)


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