Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Friday, October 15, 2010

Autism Support Groups = Parenthood

I love the show Parenthood, which is on CITY TV on Tuesdays :) .. I am addicted, mainly because they deal very well with real life issues.. and mostly because they display a boy of the age of 9, named Max who suffers from Aspergers Syndrome..and they displayed this very well.

It is hard to see Autism now on Television shows, now I guess moreso as it effects my life personally. Sometimes when people display Autism, they show children or adults severely affected, maybe not talking, acting out, they show such a negative side, and it is hard to watch as it, of course, is not all negative. For me, and just my opinion, Parenthood is the best I have seen thus far diplicting Autism, and how the family is handling it.

The characters names are Kristina and Adam, they are the parents of Max, and Haddie who is roughly 16 yrs of age. I like how they make Adam and Kristina so, "normal"..they show how frustrating it can be being the parents, all the heartache..worry..concern, they both are amazing advocates. Kristina just joined an Autism Support Group for parents with children who have Aspergers, which is referred to as High Functioning Autism. Her husband Adam stayed away, not feeling like he needed support, and by the end he joined and opened up.. I was bawling my eyes out.. because it hit home.

I guess the whole show its home for us, having a typical child living in the same house with a child with Autism, showing all the issues included with that. It also shows the entire family dealing with Max, how Max functions at school, sports, everything. Again, this week hit me moreso than ever ..... Autism Support Group.

I mentioned to Ryan a while ago, I would like to start attending one in Niagara, which they run on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Like Adam on Parenthood stated, he did not want to be involved, Ryan said the samething. Ryan is an introvert, where I am the opposite. I like to talk, share our story, hear and learn from other parents and their stories - I love the whole idea of it. Luckily, I have been blessed to meet Kelli and her family, which I have written about before. Kellis husband Adam (funny!) feels the same way as Ryan, so we are going to be each others date and go to this Support Group together.

I am excited to add this new chapter in my life as Owen's mother, I am so excited to learn and to find new ways, and meet new parents...I can't wait to keep everyone updated :)

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