Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

1 in 74 Boys have Autism - and 1 of them is mine.

The numbers are shrinking - and since we have found out about Owen, so many people we have met within the last year, knows someone who suffers from this disorder as well. This is something I would never wish on a child, or on the parents. I am not saying that Owen is a horrible child, that is not the case - we are blessed. Owen is such a good little boy, who knows his limits, is thriving from therapy.. but alas, not all children with Autism are like this... all of them, just like all of us are different. Now a days, Autism is being diagnosed so much compared to years ago. Like I have written before, we completely see little quirks in Ryan, maybe now, he may have been diagnosed and not written off as a bad and hyper child.

When I first heard of Autism, it was in my job. We have several clients that come into Bethesda that suffer from Autism, or maybe Fetal Alcohol, Down Syndrome..anything. I had no real idea of what Autism was, only that our clients may have it, and we just got the Autism program for children from McMaster University. We even had a co-op student years ago, who had a son with Autism, and I remember her being a warrior mom. Looking back, I really had no interest in learning about it, even really caring too much about it - it just didn't interest me at all.. can you imagine?

Then it effects us. I feel like it is almost like Ryan and I knew that we were destined to have a child with Autism, it was the one condition we were so frightened of having in a child. We believed it came from vaccines, so when Owen was born we held the shots until we felt his body could handle it .. boy we were wrong. We saw his regression and changes when he was not receiving the vaccines, and then after knowing the red flags, we then began to research Autism. I now, could never imagine my life without it...

I don't think Owen would be the Owen that I know, and that I love with all my heart. I think this was given to us because we can handle it as parents, and Owen has turned me into a different person - part in parcel with him and my other 2 wonderful children, changing me into the person I always knew was in my body but just never had the chance to come out. For that, I could never thank them enough..and actually be proud to say that 1 in 74 boys have Autism - and 1 of them is mine.


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