Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bethesda Assessment Brick By Brick news, and first day of Pre-School!! OH MY!

Another assessment - no joke. This is your life when you, your spouse, or your child have something going on health wise that requires this much intervention in your life. We saw Bethesda a couple months ago, and they had a short meeting with Ryan and I, to see how Owen is doing, any new behaviours etc. We signed up for their at home program while we are on the 2 year wait list for funding. With the at home programming, they do not really work with Owen one-on-one at all, it is mostly seeing where he is at this time, and then working with the parents.

Today was the day, September 14 2010 - another assessment. I felt confident about this one, because I think you would have to be blind not to see the night and day difference of Owen and all his changes, but hey - that's just me.. the biased momma. I got the kids up, dressed, and finished tidying up the house, and there was our worker. She is wonderful, and keeps things nice and light with us and not so, "all work" when she sees us, its nice and I love it. As soon as I opened the door and said, "Owen who is here?"..Owen greeted her with his ever so loving, "Hi!" with PERFECT eye contact, it didn't go unnoticed with the worker! Then throughout the visit and assessment, she noticed how many words he is using, using them UN prompted, enjoying something on TV and looking at me and making sure I am enjoying it as well (joint attention), and his socializing with his sister. I got to gloat about how well he is doing, how he is responding to Brick By Brick, and she completely agreed.

We discussed how Bethesda was not going to interfere with BBB therapy, and how Bethesda will be there more to offer us different seminars for parents, and she would call once a month to update on Owen. This was great - honestly, exactly what I wanted. I really don't want any other programming to interfere with something that is working for him, and then Owen would get confused, or over whelmed. Then I also had to of course tell her Owen's behaviours that have come out since he is gaining so much in verbal communication, such as teeth grinding, SIB (self injerious behaviour) and play fighting. I told her with the teeth grinding Ryan and I were giving the behaviour a lot of attention, and now we have stopped, and are trying to ignore it. She loved it, and suggested I get him looked at by a dentist - agreed. The SIB, I also confessed I was feeding into it, trying to block them, asking him to stop - its different for all you co-workers! I know I am hard at work - but this is my baby..lololol. For the past couple weeks, I have stopped feeding into them, started ignoring them.. which is working. He is SO doing them because he is frustrated and angry, but also, he wants attention - LOOK MOM, IM PISSED. Since I have started to ignore them, they have decreased SO MUCH, its insane! She was so happy, I actually received an amazing compliment from one worker to another who has crossed that bridge and is now a parents, "Vanessa, you are so great with Owen, I wish every parent was like you - you are my cup of tea".:)
I am not even joking.

How amazing is that? It was one of the best feelings I have had in a long time. Ryan and I have worked so hard with Owen, because we are not letting him settle in life, he will do great and BE amazing, nothing less. It was so reassuring that we are making the right choices for Owen, and the fact that Bethesda completely agrees with us and are stepping back and letting go what we are doing is working was amazing!!! We had a few laughs, a few stories, and a common appreciation for this little boy.

Result - GREAT assessment..we keep on truckin.

Brick By Brick - We received an email this week, stating that one of the women who helps run BBB is leaving for another job with the Catholic School Board of Niagara. I got to see her yesterday, and told her how upset we were she is leaving, but a great opportunity. She then proceeded to tell me something just amazing - her job will be to head the Autism programming for the Catholic School board, and I will never have to worry about Owen in school again. No joke - could we get anymore blessed? The school Owen will be going to is in her district, she has South Niagara (Niagara Falls being one of the cities!) I told her the school, and again, I was reassured. Someone is really looking out for us - I am speechless. In the words of Owens Bethesda worker, "Do you have horseshoes somewhere?"..lol

Lastly, the first day of pre-school...seriously. I can not believe this afternoon I will be driving Owen to his first day of school. He is going to love it, and I can't blame him, more kids less mom and dad for a while. I can not wait to keep you all updated on his progress, I really hope he does well. He will be attending Tues and Thurs afternoons here in the Falls, and will be having a resource teacher...this kid does so much.

Thank you everyone who has been thinking about us, praying, or just giving us good wishes.. and please keep it up. Whatever you have been doing has been working :)


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