Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Saturday, August 28, 2010

To YouTube or not to Youtube

That is the question. I have conflicted emotions when it comes to Youtube - It favours my opinion when I need the latest music video, or a crazy lion eating a zebra, or even to find a missed episode from my favourite show. For that, thank you YouTube - much appreciated.

Why I am changing my opinion - try looking up Autism. It is so educational for us newly diagnosed parents, it has helped Ryan and I so much in the past, especially when we were looking up signs for Autism. I have looked up so much regarding Autism on YouTube, including, signs and red flags, tantrums, flapping, stimming, eating habits - everything. It has almost been a godsend when I get super upset or confused on a new behaviour Owen is displaying.

Why I am maybe suggesting for myself to stop watching the YouTube videos that have been so helpful, is that horrible comments people write underneath. I almost have to make myself not scroll down and read them, because it breaks my heart and makes me want to find out where these horrible, ignorant people live and ram a car in their home.. and not pay for the damages...now thats angry.

I want to give you some examples of some comments I have read -

"holy fuck. thats why condoms were invented"

"I hope you dress him properly for the winter...I hope you remove this before he gets too old, glad my parents never put videos of me kicking and screaming on the Internet for the whole world to see."

OMG this world is freakin messed up

"It's the pollution in the air making kids messed up!!!"


This is when I looked up - Autistic Tantrums..and believe me, there are worse comments than what I put down. Yes, people write really inspiring and supportive comments as well, but isn't it sad that these are the ones that get my attention?

So, maybe one day when you are bored, go on YouTube and watch some Autism videos, they are honestly amazing, and they have helped me so much in regards to Owen..but if you are like me, try and stay away from the negative comments.

For me right now - no YouTube.


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