Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Monday, August 30, 2010

My little man turned 3 - Where does the time go?

Wednesday August 29, 2007 I was on my way to the Welland General at 5:30am to have a c-section at 8am. Owen was to be our first born, so I was FILLED with so much anxiety, love, nervousness..but more so, I was filled with excitement. I was growing this beautiful little boy for Ryan and I to give all our love too, and he was finally going to enter our family today. Then, at 8:56am, Owen Carl Coens was born!! I was laying on the surgical table, crying my eyes out of pure love and gazing up at my husband, who hasn't been prouder in his life. This was our moment, and no one could ever take that feeling away from us.

Owen was an amazing child, he loved his mommy when he was an infant, and was super spoiled. He didn't love daddy as much, but as we now see, when he got older his preferences changed.. lol. He always had a smile on his face, and always ate like a champ! Owen gave us many firsts as parents as well, first trip to the ER as a parent, first Christmas as parents, he has always held such a special place in our hearts.

Another first Owen gave us was worry and concern. When he wasn't developing as, "typical" as other children, and Ryan and I both knew that something was, "up". His communication was almost non-existent, and his ever so wonderful smile was not always there anymore. Believe me, in these 3 years we have been on an emotional rollarcoaster with this kid - and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Today, we got to celebrate our beautiful son's life, the amazing past 3 years, and most importantly, we got to show just how far he has come along in that time. Owen came with me to pick up his cake, as everything this year was Toy Story! He loved his cake so much from Sweetart.ca, and the matching cupcakes!! We then got ready to see all his little friends (and big friends..Megan) at Cheeky Monkeys in Niagara Falls. We were the last party of the day, so the place was pretty much ours. Owen had a hard time when we first got there, as a massive amount of people were leaving the place as we were entering, there was way too much people and noise for him to deal with - so Ryan took him out for a bit while we got settled in. He had about 10 friends there with him, and we got to visit with all the parents, it was a great time. He was spoiled beyond belief, wanted zero part of opening presents, and just wanted to play!

We closed the place out, and headed back home so I could clean up before the family party began. Ryan took the kids out, and came back so his 2nd party of the day could begin. Everyone loved his cake, had a great visit, he again - was spoiled! It was just a great day, and he deserved it all. There was no screaming this year when we sang happy birthday to him, and he even said, "NO"!!! I only heard it a couple times before, and now it is a common word he is using. For me, this is HUGE.. and makes me feel as his mother, so much better. Now he understands when he doesn't want something or someone near him, he says, NO!!

We ended our busy day last night, by cuddling before I put him to bed, and thought to myself, so that's what it feels like to put Autism on the back burner for a day :)

Happy 3rd Birthday little man.


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