Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Genetic Testing for the 5 of us - and I still cry at the drop of a hat

Genetic testing. Scary. Exciting. Informative. Mostly, anxious waiting to hear results. I signed us up for this special testing back in June when we did the walk for Autism. I met a wonderful lady from Queen's University talked to myself and asked me many questions about Owen, and offered to sign us up for the Mobile Bus that would be arriving this coming August.

So, this past Monday (Aug 16) Ryan and I packed up the kids and we were off to have our Mouthe's swabbed and spitting into cups. The people were wonderful, and I have to say, the new Autism Niagara location is so nice! We were there for roughly a half and hour, Owen really could not handle much more. They had their air conditioning running in the RV, and the sound was almost like a white noise - Owen could not handle it. Immediately his hands went over his ears, and the high pitched screaming begun. They shut it off, and he calmed - then he wanted off the bus. It was not a fun experience for Owen, which made it horrible for us. Alas we all have our genes, and let's hope a discovery can be made that can link Autism more so to specific genetics!

Also this week, I have been UBER busy, with different parties, outing, and of course everyday routines as well... and of course, the month away Fundraiser. Wednesday was particularly busy, with Dave's birthday, a show at the casino, and Victoria's Epicure party. It was such a nice time at Vic's house, I got to see some friends, and also her wonderful family. They always greet you with hugs and kisses - I love it. I was told by Vic's Aunt DD a while ago, that she was going to make special bracelets for Owen's event. These bracelets DD makes are special, as she always donates the sales to the Cancer Society - and this time, she was donating the sales to my Owen. She gave me the bracelets, and they were just beautiful - but I can not give much away, as they will be a great item at the Fundraiser. Then, she put a bracelet on my wrist - a different style - a one of a kind. Made from blue, yellow, and red beads I had my very own - which made it extra special was the charms she put on - Believe Son. I was bawling, a special beautiful bracelet for a mother with a beautiful son with Autism, something that shows just how proud I am of my amazing boy - and something just for me.

Her heart and generosity is something to marvel at, to give her heart to our family and donate such a wonderful and meaningful piece of art to show it, I don't think I could ever say thank you enough to her, or to anyone in that beautiful family.

Things can be busy, and hectic, sometimes crazy at times - but somethings just make you stop and appreciate everything you have and what you are fighting for.


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