Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Thursday, July 1, 2010

OPA!!!! and being great role models :)

OPA!!!!!! It could not have been better, or more emotional - (well except for when he said, "momma"..nothing takes that over!)

We were getting ready to go and visit Ryan's parents, and every time we go there we always say to the kids, we are going to Opa and granny's. We have tried all Owen's life for him to say Opa, but have really been focusing on it these past 4 months. So, as Ryan is helping him with his shoes, and saying, "Opa"..Owen repeats him!!!! OPA OPA OPA!!!!!! We cheered and clapped, and screamed!! yay!!!! We were so happy, we could not believe it!

We get to my in laws, and Ryan is so proud to show off Owen's phrase!! He did it on command, and Cheryl and Dave could not believe it! I even think I saw a little tear in my father in laws eyes, and I loved every minute of it :) So now, everyday we are hearing daddy, momma, opa, gee (for granny) and all his other 30+ words! Sometimes I write this, and I am still in disbelief that we have made it this far with Owen, when not so long ago the kid had 5 words and I had little hope, and tried to keep my faith. Look how far we have come.

I have always struggled with my weight, up and down, not eating hardly at all for 2 years in high school and then over eating in a past relationship and being miserable beyond belief. Ryan has had his struggles as well, but mostly now after I was prego with the babies for the past 3 years, he thought he could eat what I ate for cravings, and not suffer the consequences. So, here we were, Ben came along 4 months ago, I wanted my baby weight off for good and Ryan wanted his off too.. lol.

I joined an online community called, my fitness pal.com, and it tracks your calories, any sort of exercise you do, and how many calories you should be having daily. It has been wonderful! Soo great, that Ryan has now joined it with me! We both love it, and are seeing results quickly! When I met Ryan, I was just under my heaviest, and he introduced me to the gym, and I loved it right away, and got addicted. I knew how much to eat to burn off, and I never had to starve my body to get results! and results I did get, 70 lbs off! and never felt so great in all my life, and I miss it. So accompanying MFP.com daily, I also joined a gym with a daycare 1 month ago tomorrow, and I am proud to say in a month, I am almost at half my weight loss goal! I am addicted again, and I love it.

I mainly wanted to make this change for me, as again, I have rented out my body to our beautiful 3 children for the past 3 years, and now I want it back. My other reason, is to set a good example for our kids. I want them to always stay active, be proud of themselves, enjoy sports, and never have to go through the horrible reality of being made fun of based on appearance.. I know everyone goes through it, as I have, and its the worse feeling.. people/kids can be so cruel.

So, as Owen is making so many strides in therapy and in his life, and making me more and more proud to be his mother and be in life daily, I decided if Owen can change in such a short amount of time, then I can too. Thank you Owen, for constantly being my daily reminder that people can change if they want to, and being my inspiration to be a better mother to you, taking care of myself so I can be around for as long as I can for you.

Love mom


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