Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Are we really this lucky? or blessed? both...

My mother in law has been working her bum off, getting this Fundraiser ready for September. (That's right - 2 month countdown on the 18th!) She has been making letters to give away like crazy, and I have been going around from store to store asking for their business to help our cause for Owen. We have been fortunate enough to be getting great responses, friends of ours are taking letters to their employers, and friends of friends, it has been so great to see such a out pour of love for our son.

Maybe it is the way I ask? Maybe it is because he is my son, but I in general, am personally getting a good response from our community. I try and think of anyone I have had the honour of buying from, working with, being a part of anything that they might do for their business, and ask a favour in return for my son and his therapy.

I have to say, when I opened my email this morning, I was in shock. I have had the pleasure of eating a cake and cupcakes from SweetArt By Elizabeth for a while now, and have met her in person. What a wonderful women, and what an amazing product and talent she is able to whip up! So, the last time I bought from her, she was selling cupcakes for cupcake Tuesday, and most of the proceeds went to Autism Niagara! Amazing! So, I bought 20 of them, and brought them to Owen's therapists for a treat for all they do! I thought I would email her a couple days ago, and see if there was anyway that she would be able to donate something to Owen's Fundraiser. Well, I heard back right away, and such a positive response!! So, I was to be in contact when the date was closer, we were so thankful she was able to donate something.

Today, after a long morning in this dreadful heat, Owen's therapy drive to Fonthill, and going to the gym and back home, it was busy. I checked my email, and I heard from Elizabeth, and what she wrote brought me to tears (shocker.. I know) Elizabeth is going to have the next 2 cupcake Tuesdays in honour of Owen and his IBI therapy costs, proceeds will go to help us pay for his therapy!!!!!!! How nice? and how blessed are we, and Owen? He has touched so many hearts, and it is amazing to watch it all unfold.

I also thought, what a great prelude to his Fundraiser. It will get people thinking, get them ready for one of the most amazing, emotional, fun, and inspiring nights of their lives in September. I really want people to understand what IBI is, and to really get the concept not every child responds to this type of therapy, some children with Autism might even regress, because they just do not respond to this - Owen does. Owen has come so far, and he deserves this so much I could just explode.

So, this week - thank you SweetArt, you have truly made Owen's, mine, our family and friends day for this wonderful contribution.. it is so appreciated.

Thank you


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