Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just when you least expect it..

Owen whips out another word.. actually 2 words - love you. I am not even kidding, he is progressing so amazingly I do not know him anymore. I am meeting my son for the first time in some ways, he has an amazing sense of humour, he is so smart, and just so compassionate.. I love him.

Ryan was leaving for work, and even as close as a month ago, this was a hard transition for Owen to come to terms with. He loves Ryan so very much, and just has a complete meltdown when he has to leave, which in turn breaks Ry's heart. Now, Owen is great with it, and says good bye, and has no issues. Now, I take him out on our front step, and we say bye again, and I always whisper in Owen's ear, "love you". Not a word of a lie, when I said it to him that evening, he repeated me. The one phrase we have wanted to hear for 3 years from this child, he said! I broke down, I was in so much shock, I was yelling at Ryan has he was pulling out of the driveway, "he said LOVE YOU.. he said LOVE YOU!!" This child is amazing me daily, and just makes me so thankful that he is one of the lucky children with Autism, and he is responding to therapy.

Owen also used to have, and sometimes on occasion still has, stranger issues. If he does not see you in a while, you might fall back to stranger status to him. Yesterday, we brought the kids to Marineland, as it was our work-picnic. We went in the morning, Ryan left for Rugby, and I brought the kids home for a nap. Our friends Megan and Claire said when I came back, they would help me with the kids, and I was so thankful they did! As Claire was walking with Maddie and Owen, Owen darted for Megan as soon as he saw her. It was so great to see Owen just so thrilled to see one of my close friends, and that he loves her so much, it was nice to see.

He is making so many strides lately, it is almost hard to keep up with... and I am so thankful for everything and everyone who are following him on his journey.. it is so comforting knowing he is not going on it alone.


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