Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Owen and Ben's Journey Through Autism

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I want weeks like this one..

I am currently on Mat Leave, with 3 kiddies under 3.. and our life is 100% turned into routine. Every morning, the kids and I get up around 7am, we have breakfast, change diapers, watch cartoons, and get dressed for the day. We are out the door by 9:30am to drive Owen to IBI, and then I take the other 2 kids and we go to GoodLife Fitness for the morning until it is time to pick up Owen, come home, eat lunch, and then nap time. This takes us till roughly 3-4pm, and then it is dinner, bath, and bed. Thus - our life. Very structured, which is great for the kids, and even I am benfiting from it as well. Yes, I do not get to see family and friends as much, but it is a price that we pay to have Owen succeed in his therapy, and for that, I would not change a thing.

Ryan has been sick this whole week, we think it might be food poisoning, it has not been fun. He feels horrible, but the kids love having him home, and heres a secret, so do I. I have enjoyed having help around the house with the kids, even just to say to them, "look theres daddy... go show daddy".. it is actually a nice break. Owen has loved having Ryan home the most, they cuddle together, watch counting movies on YouTube, helping him learn new words (we are up to 6 new words this week alone!!).. and I just love watching it.

For some reason, maybe because I have been a people pleaser throughout my ENTIRE life, I thought life would be so lonely and uneventful if I didn't always go see my friends, or visit family all the time, who would want to just stay at home? I remember in highschool, I was NEVER home.. partly that can be due to I was a teenager, but I think the other part was I never wanted to be alone. I always wanted to be around people, and if I wasn't, life just wasn't worth living.. I know.. pathetic.

This week has made me realize, if Ryan, the kids and I were stuck on a deserted island all alone, it would be great. Being married to Ryan for the last year and living together for 4 years this MONTH!, and also being a mother to my 3 beautiful children, it just completley turns your perspective on life and really shows you what is important.. and I would not change our life, our ups and our downs for anything...

we made it.

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